4 Indicators That You Should Consider A Tutor

4 Indicators That You Should Consider A Tutor

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School has just started and the new year may bring new subjects, new teachers, new curriculums. Chances are you will feel overwhelmed in the beginning and still try to figure things out. If this feeling persists though into the fourth or fifth week of the school year, it might be a sign that help is needed. Here are the main indicators that extra guidance with homework is a good idea: 

1. Lower grades

So, you’re used to getting As, Bs, a C once in a while. And all the sudden you notice mostly B-minuses and Cs. There is no reason to panic. New subjects or a challenging new curriculum in math, for example, or science, can pose some difficulties, hence the lower grades. If you notice a consistency in this grade average it is time to look for help. A couple of weeks won’t affect your overall grades much, but if problems continue action is needed!!

2. Losing interest in school 

Maybe sixth grade was lots of fun, easy materials to absorb, fun teachers, a nice group of friends and all of a sudden seventh grade is just a different animal: lessons seem hard, teachers who are too demanding, your old friends are not around anymore. Slowly, you start neglecting some homework, looking to do something more fun when you get home. This is when a tutor can help with such things as getting the homework done on time, making sure you understand it, and offering tips to focus better and regain that excitement for learning. 

3. Buried in homework 

In previous years you managed to get all of the homework done, and made time for fun and socializing, and now you find yourself investing all of your free time in homework — either re-reading, to grasp new concepts, or taking lots of time with projects and assignments. A tutor can jump in to show you how to manage your time and work efficiently. Knowing strategies on how to complete homework faster is key to a balanced schedule. Plus, the same strategies can help when taking tests and exams. 

4. Stuck on a certain subject 

Maybe overall you are doing well, everything is under control, grades are good and  it’s just that one subject, that you never quite liked, like Math, let’s say, that’s giving you headaches. You find yourself asking friends for help, your parents, your teacher. But how many times can you do that before acknowledging that consistent help is needed? A tutor can help you understand concepts, solve more difficult problems, polishing your skills, so you can not only catch up, but excel! 

Analyze yourself during these first few months of school, and if you notice one or more of these signs, showing up recurrently, then give us a call. We can help. 

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