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Welcome to your best solution for getting the help you deserve for a study that’s truly intriguing.  Not only does Chemistry involve mathematical skills, which we love here at MTP, but it also opens lots of doors to promising careers.  We are here to help you explore the wonderful world of Chemistry. Jump right in!

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If you have recently conducted a search for “online chemistry tutoring near me”, chances are good that you have heard of our company. We are Not Just Math and work with all subjects and test prep. We also have an ESE Division with specialized tutors for students with various exceptionalities.

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We provide very effective nationwide online sessions via platforms like Skype or Zoom. We also provide in-home services to our local South Florida community. We are also here for you during this challenging Covid-19 situation and remain as flexible as possible to meet your needs.

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Providing you with top notch chemistry tutors. Our selection is very careful as we try to pair you up with experts in this study. Many of our tutors are teachers, lab instructors or even medical students who are fresh with the topics and have a good amount of tutoring or even teaching experience.

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Our personal attention to each student's needs along with our assessments make us stand out as to the level of detail we provide for you. Our reviews speak for themselves. We care for your success. You will also grow to love our on-demand tutoring style. We are here to join in your path towards academic success!

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Our Nationwide and In-Person Chemistry tutoring is here for you.  The study of chemistry involves identifying substances of which matter is composed. It’s a branch of science that also takes a look at properties of these substances and how they interact, combine and change and how these processes can be used to form new substances. It is by no means a trivial study and can also involve quite a bit of mathematical principles as well. We are here to decipher and hopefully make Chemistry a study that you will appreciate and grow to love.  Come and explore the world of Chemistry with us!


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Below are topics, subjects and test prep that we provide Chemistry tutoring for. Remember that tutoring is only part of the equation. You can take a ton of tutoring sessions but without practice, it goes to waste. Tutoring complemented by practice, coming back with questions, ironing out defects and strategies will really make a difference. A great resource to use in between tutoring sessions as you are practicing is Khan Academy. Make sure to put effort into your studies and you will see results. It is only through the struggle that we make it to the top, and it is our hope to make your climb up the ladder of success much easier.

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Chemistry Tutoring Topics

Common Chemistry Coursework

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Don’t hesitate and call us for all your Chemistry needs!  Be mindful to be organized and precise with this study as you will be doing lots of hands-on experiments and balancing equations. Lots of practice will be key since checmistry is a lot like Math –  one wrong number and the entire experiment falls apart. 

On a positive note, for those of you that enjoy lab work and conducting experiments, you just might fall in love with Chemistry.  Remember, if you need help don’t wait to long to contact us since it’s also a study that builds on itself.  For those of you wishing to become doctors, it is a subject you will need to master.  Most of all, have fun and enjoy your class and remember we are here for you to help pave your path towards academic success!


Unable to meet In-Person? Let's do an Online Chemistry tutoring session!

We not only provide in-person tutoring to our South Florida community but have also expanded to serve you for Online Chemistry  Tutoring “Nationwide”.  This is a great option for students away at college wanting to continue with our tutoring services or for students who simply are unable to meet in-person.  We are also very sensitive to everyone’s needs with the current Covid-19 situation and we hope that you will find our online Chemistry tutoring services both efficient and comforting during this time of social distancing. Wishing everyone much health and safety during this challenging time.

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My daughter was doing poorly in Chemistry. She wasn’t understanding the material at all. I contacted Math Tutoring Professionals and they provided my daughter with an amazing tutor. He was extremely professional, always on time, and cared. He would ask me to email him some of the work that the teacher gave my daughter and he would review it with her at the tutoring session. My daughter is not only passing chemistry she has an A!  I would definitely recommend Math Tutoring Professionals! They are amazing!
RONIT DERY (parent)

Cristian, CEO at MTPChemistry Tutoring