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Whether you are preparing for college entrance exams, and looking for SAT ACT tutoring near you, graduate school exams, or tests like the FSA or EOC, our tutors can help you with testing techniques that will work to ease your burden.

Test Prep Offered

We are here for your SAT ACT tutoring needs but we also provide help for many more tests.  Below you will find a list of tests for which we can help you prepare for.  Find out more about each exam below and contact us today to sign up for your 1st session!

  • PSAT

    The Preliminary SAT Exam is typically given to 10th or 11th grade students. This test measures college readiness skills and is used for merit-based scholarship awards. It is also good practice for the upcoming SAT Exam.

  • SAT

    Typically known as the Scholastic Assessment Test, this is the test that is used for college entrance assessments across the country. Millions of students take this exam as they transition from high school to college.

  • ACT

    Also known as the American College Testing exam, this test is used for college entrance purposes, and measures high school students’ ability to perform in college-level courses.

  • FSA

    For grades 3 – 8.  Florida Standards Assessment is an academic assessment of students at the end of the school year in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Writing and Science.  These are the assessments that serve Florida students by measuring educational gains and progress.

  • EOC

    For grades 9-12. The End of Course test is an academic assessment of students at the end of a particular high school course. In states that require an EOC test, the subjects tested are usually: math, english, science, and social studies.

  • SSAT

    The Secondary School Admission Test is given to students for admission purposes into private or independent schools. Students in grades 3-11 may take the test depending on the grade level they are entering.

  • HSPT

    The High School Placement Test is given to students for admission purposes into Catholic high schools. Sections pertaining to this exam relate to quantitative skills, math, reading, verbal and language skills.

  • GED

    The GED, which stands for General Educational Diploma, is an assessment that when passed, certifies that the test taker (American or Canadian) has met high-school level academic skills.

  • GRE

    The Graduate Record Examination is often used for admission into graduate-level college classes. Students are tested on their critical thinking skills, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills.

Math Tutoring Professionals has a full range of tutoring services we can provide for various tests and as you can see we are much more than SAT ACT tutoring when it comes to test prep. If you are preparing for any one of the tests mentioned above, let us help you with test-taking strategies and techniques that will give you the confidence to perform well.

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We are also here for you during this challenging Covid-19 virus situation and want to let everyone know that we are here for you. We continue to monitor county, city, state and CDC guidelines so as to always be providing with with our best services. Prayers for everyone! Be safe!

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The tutor was such a great help to my son and brought him up from a D to an A in just a few months. Teaching technique, along with ability to communicate with students in a fun way that makes the subject make sense is just exceptional!

Melinda Joy Hoffman
Cristian, CEO at MTPTest Prep