5 Tips To Tackling A Subject That You Don’t Like

5 Tips To Tackling A Subject That You Don’t Like

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We’ve all been there. Life sometimes throws tasks at us that we don’t enjoy too much. Whether it’s cleaning the dishes, making your bed, or cutting the grass, eventually someone, a.k.a. you, will have to accomplish these; because it’s part of life. Physics might be difficult to grasp, or French might not sound as musical as everyone says, yet they can be part of your curriculum, and you will get graded and tested. So what can you do? Run? – that’s not an option. What if sometimes, the only way to go is “through” the experience? How do we go about tackling an unpleasant task head-on? How do we develop strategies to turn a dislike into an advantage? We can give you a head-start with the 5 tips listed below: 

  1. Ask yourself ‘why’?
    Take a step back, and evaluate the situation. Why do you feel like you ‘hate’ this subject? Is it really the difficult grammar, or those confusing polynomials? Or maybe you simply don’t agree with the teacher, or can’t relate to your classmates, or the sun hits your head and gives you headaches in that classroom each time? Bottom line, understand what the motives are for rejecting a subject. 
  2. Acknowledge the importance of this subject
    If you decided that your brain is simply resisting math, also decide to dig deeper. There is a reason why certain subjects are added to the curriculum. There is learning in each and every one of them. Maybe you will not apply for a degree in college that requires a lot of math, but still, knowing how to calculate a tip, a percentage, understanding basic geometry, all of this is part of our daily lives. Also, stay open to assimilating concepts. Once you accept that your accent will never be ‘pure Japanese’ you can let go of that and focus on having fun and simply doing your best. 
  3. Speak with your teacher
    It is a wiser decision to communicate with your teacher and explain to him/her that you find the subject that is being taught difficult, boring, unnecessary or simply impossible, than simply giving up. Teachers can help with advice, and guidance on how to spice things up. Teachers can also detail on the importance of the subject and offer a different perspective, so you can start appreciating it more. 
  4. Be creative
    What if you already know most of the material that your science teacher is sharing because your mom happens to be a renowned botanist? Then boredom is understandable. Even so, there are ways to show respect and interest in the class. Maybe always team up with classmates who are not as savvy as you, and help them out. Or suggest interesting project topics to your teacher that can bring new knowledge for you as well. Remember, there is always a way. 
  5. Think ahead
    Although you might not see the immediate applicability of a subject in real life, realize that sometimes this is not visible right away. What if 15 years from now you will interview for the job of your dreams and your interviewer speaks Spanish? Wouldn’t you want to know enough to impress that person? Even a little? Anything that we learn, at some point, will be useful to us whether we are aware of it or not. Expand your horizon and try learning simply for the love of learning. You will be amazed.

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