5 Tips to Tackling Homework 

5 Tips to Tackling Homework 

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When in school, homework, projects, assignments seem to be never-ending. As soon as you’re done with one subject, two more are in-line! We get it, a student’s life is not easy. Sometimes you’re tired, lacking motivation, or would simply feel like doing something else. Yet, without home work, good progress cannot happen. We have prepared the tips below to help you approach and complete all homework successfully, without any frustration. 

1. Know when to work
Try to understand and learn your own work habits. Are you the full of energy kind of student who would rather get everything done after school, or, after a full day in the classroom do you just need to detach a bit? Either approach is ok, as long as it works for you. We recommend a little break, maybe working on a hobby for 20-30 minutes, or chatting with friends, before starting homework. Recharging batteries is important in order to clear your mind and start strong on your work. 

2. Make a list
Being organized makes life easier. Put together a list of all tasks that you need to accomplish for the evening. This helps to make sure you don’t miss any assignments, and also helps with morale. Crossing each task as ‘done’ will give you a nice sense of satisfaction! Plus, staying organized is a great step towards getting ready for college-life and even career-life, when you will have to juggle lots of assignments at the same time. 

3. Get your materials
Surround yourself with everything needed to work. Whether it’s supplies, your laptop, the books you had to check out from the library for research, make sure you are ready. This will save you time, create a sense of efficiency and get you in a working, “let’s get this done” kind of mood. 

4. Focus
Make a point of staying focused on a task for 10-15 minutes without any interruptions. If your mind keeps on wandering every 30 seconds, or your little brother enters your room every 5 minutes because he wants to play, you will end up finishing a 30-minute assignment in probably hours. Thus, get a timer, and don’t let yourself detach from the homework for the set period of time. It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve breaks; make sure you do take them when switching subjects, or every 30, 40 minutes. As long as you get work done, breaks are ok. 

5. Pat yourself on the back

Don’t forget to acknowledge yourself for a hard day’s work; for finishing all homework on time, or earlier, or for simply doing your best when overwhelmed with tons of work. Share your results with family and friends, and don’t be afraid to reach out for help or support, if needed. Staying consistent at excelling in school is not easy; and doing a great job every day is a challenge. But with a good system in place and good attitude, it’s all feasible. 

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