Near Perfect SAT score!!

“Cristian is the best math tutor hands down and was highly recommended by a math teacher from Cypress Bay High School. He began working with my child sophomore year in Honors Algebra 2 when she was struggling and then in Pre Calc and Calc. She was able to get straight As at Cypress because of his help. She also had a near perfect score on the SAT thanks to his tutoring for the SAT. He worked with my daughter 1-on-1 one during the summer for SAT PREP and it was one of the best decisions ever! He helped my daughter out many times when my student was desperate because of a quiz or test, and was able to fit my child in during many a night. I highly recommend Cristian for math tutoring. Because of my daughter’s math SAT scores, she was awarded many scholarships. I have Cristian to thank for that! He is the best! Thank you Cristian!”

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Cristian, CEO at MTPNear Perfect SAT score!!