Scored a 5 on AP Calculus Exam!!

“During the Second Semester of Junior year, the first unit of Calculus was introduced in my Dual Enrollment Pre-Calculus/Honors Analytical Geometry class. Mastery was not only necessary, it was expected and required. Calculus was a whole new world of math. I knew it was in my best interest to seek extra help in order to achieve my academic goals and establish a strong foundation for Senior year AP Calculus. Fortunately, Cristian from Math Tutoring Professionals was recommended to me by a family friend. After the first tutoring session, I knew I made the right decision! Cristian reinforced important concepts and improved my studying techniques. Cristian is extremely detail oriented. He explains math problems by breaking them down into a step-by-step process which simplifies even the most challenging concepts.

As a result of Cristian’s expertise, I was able to master the objectives required for Dual Enrollment Pre-Calculus/Honors Analytical Geometry as well as AP Calculus. I scored a 5 on the AP Calculus Exam and achieved my overall high school academic goals. I couldn’t be more grateful. I will be attending the University of Florida this Fall to study Mechanical Engineering. I know I will be fully prepared!”

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Cristian, CEO at MTPScored a 5 on AP Calculus Exam!!