Tutoring Focused On You

Tutoring Focused On You

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[nectar_dropcap color=”#1e83ec”]W [/nectar_dropcap]elcome to our Website and Brand New Blog. We will be bringing you the latest news in tutoring, school and more. We aim to bring you the best tips, tricks, and strategies that you can use to improve how you learn and adapt to school and you subject.


Delivering Peace Of Mind

Through Excellence


We have very strict requirements for our tutors as we strive to hire instructors who have attained abilities to convey information to children of all ages and who are familiar with the South Florida school curriculum. We also like to hire tutors who have knowledge of diverse math curriculums so as to bring new problem solving techniques to supplement lesson material. Additionally, a high value is placed on tutors with experience working with children with ADHD, dyslexia and learning disabilities. All of our tutors undergo a thorough background check.

What Distinguishes Our Company from Other Tutoring Services

Our tutors come in with a wealth of math tutelage. As previously mentioned, we like to hire tutors who have been exposed to other teaching systems so as to offer new ways of thinking and problem solving skills.

We are big into test taking strategies and speed techniques as we realize the importance of test prep and college admittance. We also don’t operate out of a central office, but rather choose to do 1-on-1 or group lessons in-home, online or at a public place. As for the group lessons we believe in small groups and focused attention (1:5 ratio) on a single subject matter (i.e. Algebra, Trig, SAT test prep). Group work should be interactive with time for Q&A. We tailor group lessons to students’ needs.

We are here to help and also provide extra take-home exercises should the student be open to taking on additional practice in between sessions. For most of our high school or college-age clients, we work around their schedules and meet at public places such as the “I Know Science Center”, Panera Bread or the library.

Our company also offers weekend appointments which is often more convenient for students who have limited time during the work week because of extracurricular activities. Our online services via SKYPE are also extremely convenient for students as they go away to college and want to continue with our tutoring services and also for students who might not be able to meet with a tutor in-person.

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