What To Do During Study Breaks

What To Do During Study Breaks

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While studying is important, taking breaks from this task is also important. That being said, how we take these breaks will affect the outcome of our studying capabilities. Here are some ways you can spend your study breaks to improve your productivity.

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1- Stretch

Sitting down for a long time isn’t good for anyone, so taking stretch breaks is very important for our health. Take a quick ten minute break between sessions and do some basic stretches. Touch your toes, rotate your hips, stretch your back. It’ll clear your mind, give you a quick rest, and keep your brain energized so you can continue on!

2- Go for a walk

The benefits of walking are very similar to stretching. It allows your brain to rest from the task while also not turning completely off. Take your pet on a short walk between study sessions. Enjoy the fresh air, and the sun. This all will help you continue studying on these hard times.

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3- Grab a snack

Just a quick one, and don’t let it be junk food. Have an apple or a banana, something small and healthy. We can get really hungry if we lose track of time while we’re studying, so taking a break to have a snack that is high on nutrients will be incredibly beneficial for your study sessions. Make sure you don’t eat anything high in simple carbs as it is likely to make you sluggish.

4- Read

Now if you notice, these are all activities that take you out of studying but keep your brain going, so when I say read your friend’s twitter doesn’t count. Read a part of a book you enjoy, a comic book, or a fun article online. It’ll help you relax and get some enjoyment out of your task, just make sure to keep it short!

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These are all ways to keep your studying breaks productive. It’s easy to fall down a YouTube rabbit hole when studying, so it’s important that these breaks are purposeful and engaging. If we take a ten minute TV or Instagram break, our brain will fully turn off and it’ll be harder to keep going after. If you’re struggling with your study sessions, get in contact with us! We’ll help you get through the material in the best way possible.

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