Why Hire a Private Tutor?

Why Hire a Private Tutor?

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Our lessons are very individualized and tailor-made for each student.  Even our group sessions are specific to one subject area.

We don’t mix students from different grade levels, studying different subjects into one group session as is the case with many tutoring centers.  We provide students with extra take-home exercises should they choose to take on extra practice in-between sessions.

The value of in-home lessons also takes the stress away from students as well as parents.

Math Tutoring Professionals (MTP) offers highly knowledgeable and well-trained tutors who know how to help you get the best results from your education.

We aim to be available when you are. Our company also offers weekend appointments which is often more convenient for students who have limited time during the work week because of extracurricular activities or any other number reasons.

Just let us know what times and days work for you and we can help develop a schedule to fit your needs.

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Cristian, CEO at MTPWhy Hire a Private Tutor?

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