5 Reasons to Contribute to the School’s Newspaper 

5 Reasons to Contribute to the School’s Newspaper 

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If you’re undecided on what extracurricular activities to opt for, consider contributing to the school’s newspaper. Getting involved with such an exciting activity has benefits that you might have never thought of; it can give you more visibility among colleagues and teachers, broaden your view of the world, and prep you for the future. Continue reading to see why dedicating your time to produce a newspaper is fun and useful: 

1. Stay up-to-date with news
Whether you decide to write, take photos, edit, or all of these, working for a newspaper will automatically put you in a position of ‘knowing’ what is happening around the school. Knowledge is power. Keeping informed on the school’s latest achievements and initiatives not only makes for good article topics, but might give you ideas on fun activities you would like to try as well. Not to mention that knowing in advance about certain events can give you an edge with your colleagues and becoming the ‘go-to’ source for information around the school.

2. Improve your writing and help with other subjects
Writing hard news, soft news, articles, conducting interviews, working on features and all other types of journalistic pieces will help tremendously with other academic subjects. You will be more succinct, able to process information faster, identify the focus of a story, write from various angles, and overall work on your creativity. Also, in this digital age, you will be forced to take photos or videos, edit them, post online, and polish those tech skills, which are invaluable skills for just about any career these days. 

3. Help you decide on a career
Practicing being a reporter, photographer, or editor along with meeting different people and hearing their stories will give you a taste of the real world. You might find that your photographs are all great and that you enjoy this field so much that it could turn into something you might want to do full time. The same goes for your writing; you might enjoy it so much, that journalism will be a natural path to follow career-wise.

4. Socialize
Good grades are important and so is being a ‘people’s person.’ As a journalist, you will have to make the most of your social skills, learn how to talk to people, how to bring up delicate subjects, how to show compassion and still be professional. Plus, you can make new friends with your teammates; there is something about sending a paper to press that truly brings a team together. 

5. Have fun
Last, but not least, you will have lots of fun brainstorming for the upcoming edition, interviewing, attending events, being out and about, speaking with colleagues and teachers. We bet you will create some fun memories that will stay with you forever. So, give it a try, and make a difference in your school and in your life. 

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