Why Are Standardized Tests Important? — Five Reasons

Why Are Standardized Tests Important? — Five Reasons

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Since we have been offering tips, advice, and suggestions on how to prep for tests such as the ACT or SAT, not to mention the prepping MTP offers via its tutors, we figured we touched on the “why take these tests?” aspect of standardized tests. You work hard, you study, stress, plan. Ultimately, what are the benefits of standardized tests? And why does our school system require them? Continue reading to gain an understanding of the importance of such tests. 

  1. Identify strengths & weaknesses 
    With the help of standardized tests it becomes easier to identify problem areas with respect to students and schools.  We also become aware of deficiencies  in curriculums. It is good to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and know what subject you master better; sometimes, the subject you like best is not necessarily the one that will yield the best score! A standardized test is an objective way to see what you can excel at, whether you like it or not.
  2. Benchmarks
    Standardized tests offer benchmarks for parents and teachers, allowing them to see how a student is performing compared to other students in the same class and school.  It becomes also possible to compare schools within a county, state or in the whole country. Based on these benchmarks, improvements can be made to curriculums and to the tests themselves.
  3. Objective grading
    A great advantage of standardized tests is avoiding subjective grading. When the answers are clear there is no room for interpretation. Evaluating a test with open-ended questions leaves room for bias and subjectivity. Students should be given a fair way of being evaluated, and standardized tests offer just that.
  4. Help to improve curriculum
    Standardized tests provide a structure of what has to be taught, maintaining consistency throughout the country and ensuring that classroom material is always relevant and corresponds to each grade. Serving as guideline for curriculum is a considerable benefit of standardized tests.
  5. Evaluates subject knowledge
    With the help of standardized tests we can measure what a student knows, or doesn’t know, in important specific areas such as reading, writing and math. The structure of the tests makes this evaluation practical and accurate.

Although not perfect, and sometimes even controversial, standardized tests are here to stay. So we suggest understanding their benefits and to never stop prepping! 

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Cristian, CEO at MTPWhy Are Standardized Tests Important? — Five Reasons

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