5 Reasons To Love Math 

5 Reasons To Love Math 

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Next time you say, “I don’t need Math to be a successful person in life!” think twice. Many students reject what they find difficult. Although Math has its challenging parts, it is beneficial to each and everyone of us, and to society overall. Do you think the computer in front of you would have been possible without advanced Math? Or the smart phone that you love so much? Nope. It is not only about knowing how to calculate a 20% tip at a restaurant — for the generous ones out there.  It is also about seeing its usefulness on a large scale, and the advantages for your own benefit. Read further to see why we believe Math is a magical subject: 

1. A Universal Language
Learning foreign languages can take time and some of us simply don’t have the ‘ear’ for it. Math crosses all barriers. A ‘plus’ sign carries the same meaning in any language and the number system is understood most everywhere; speaking Math can bring you close to people on the other side of the planet who share the same passion. Have you ever seen one of those world engineering conferences, where people from all over come together to chat in their favorite language? That could be you. 

2. Math-based Careers Earn More Money
It is known that science-related jobs, which most require Math knowledge will end up paying more. Plus, those who dedicate their lives to being biologists, astrophysicists, engineers, make a huge difference in our community. Want to have a fulfilling career that also pays well? Maybe you can give Math a second chance. 

3. Keeps Brain From Aging
Solving Math problems or fun exercises is extremely beneficial to the activity of the brain, and keeping those neurons from aging. Have you seen a person playing Sudoku to ‘keep the brain active’? Imagine what understanding of intermediate or advanced Math can do for your overall health. Not to mention that satisfying release of dopamine when you get an answer right to a difficult question! 

4. Math Is Fun
Yes, it is fun. You just have to learn to see it. Have you ever seen a nautilus? One of the oldest species on Earth at 500 million years old, with a shell that grows in the Fibonacci sequence: a row of numbers where any number is the sum of the previous two. Patterns such as this can be found abundantly in nature and have been used to develop algorithms, which are essential to creating new technologies. You think a video game is fun? You wouldn’t be able to play it if Math didn’t exist.

5. Precise, Clear-Cut
Ok, so everything can be relative, to a certain extent. We hear that in physics a lot, and in Math it’s true as well. Yet, can you truly compare writing a 1,000-word essay to solving a Math quiz, when it comes to grading or getting the recognition that you deserve? Math is straightforward, clear, open. No room for interpretation, analysis, going back and forth with your teacher. Simple and beautiful: that’s what makes Math our favorite subject!

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