5 Best Incentives to Learning a New Language 

5 Best Incentives to Learning a New Language 

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The Many Incentives to Learning a New Language

Knowing English as a primary, native language has tons of advantages. In so many countries around the globe you can get by easily with English. It’s one of the most spoken languages on Earth. But what if you happen to wander in a more remote area, let’s say a small village in Spain or Italy, where people haven’t had much interest in English and sign language isn’t an option either?

Wouldn’t it be nice to not point to your mouth when asking someone for a restaurant or make swimming gestures to get directions to the local beach? You might also get anxious at a restaurant not knowing what exactly you just ordered or if the local taxi driver actually understood you and is taking you to the right place.

There are tons of incentives to learning a new language and we list out a few more for you below.

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Opening New Doors, a New World of Possibilities

1. Challenge and improve brain function
Learning a new language is a real treat to your brain. Not only does it help with mental aging and cognitive decline, but studies have shown that training those neurons also impacts creativity, making you more open to a rich imagination. Studying new grammar rules and taking on a new vocabulary, learning hundreds and hundreds of words, improves memory function, helps with higher focus, increases the ability to multi-task and makes you a better listener. Put that beautiful brain to work! It can take it. 

2. Establish connections and stay open-minded
Imagine being on a trip and crashing a party with lots of interesting, happy people, having a good time, and not being able to chat with any of them. If you land in a friendly country like Spain, this can easily be a possibility. Knowing the local language adds to the experience as a tourist, and opens the doors to understanding a culture at a whole new level. Plus, you’ll feel like you belong, and you will get the best touristy tips.

There is nothing like being able to communicate with locals about such things as destinations, restaurants, tours and night life.  Books are great but being able to get the info from the locals themselves is priceless.

By sharing thoughts and  getting to know the locals you will also be able to dive into their minds and culture and achieve a deeper understanding of their day to day life, frustrations, joys, sorrows and who knows you might even make some life-long friendships.

3. Better chances to get into your preferred college or get the job you want
Whether you are looking at schools in the US or considering studying abroad, knowing a new language adds gives you better chances of getting accepted to the college you want to go to. Not to mention longer term, adding two or three foreign languages to your resume will make you stand out and is also a great conversation topic during an interview.  Colleges, especially in the States, love well rounded students and extracurricular activities and having one or a few foreign languages listed sure sounds impressive.

Not to mention a foreign language or two opens many doors in the corporate world in this global economy that we live in.  Companies are more and more looking to hire individuals that speak languages such as Spanish, French and Chinese.  Knowing one or even a few of these languages makes you so much more marketable.

People who speak foreign languages are also seen as more interesting and well-rounded. You might not be “the most interesting person in the world,” but you’ll definitely have an edge 🙂

4. Deepen your general knowledge
Knowing a foreign language will additionally give you the opportunity to read favorite books, magazines, newspapers, online articles, in their original form, without the loss of meaning that happens through translation. For example, a poem written by Baudelaire will not feel the same when read in English. In order to capture the author’s true message, wouldn’t the best way to go about it be to read it in French?

Plus, when researching online for certain information, or even products, understanding the manufacturer’s main language will give you the best details and accurate descriptions. The world is already a global marketplace.

If you do happen to get stuck reading a paper or in a conversation with someone remember to use such tools as google translate.  These tools are not only great for translating but they can also serve to slowly teach and expose you to a new language, even though perfect translations with true meaning are not always achieved.

5. Gain more confidence
Confidence is a great reason to learn a language! Especially for those of us that are a bit more reserved.  Not only does it add to the overall set of skills that you have acquired, but it is also something to boast about (just a little bit, lol), talk about with other students or people who are into the same hobby. And perception does matter. Don’t you think someone sounds a bit wiser when they say they’re part of the Spanish Club, or French Club?

Last but not least you will also feel much more confident in foreign countries as you understand what’s going on around you.  At times while traveling you will feel like the locals respect you more for being able to communicate with them or at least for making the effort. Confidence can also grow at the marketplace while shopping. Sometimes when you don’t know the language you can develop a sense of fear that someone is ripping you off or taking advantage of the situation. Knowing the language takes this pressure off and you will feel much more relaxed in your travels.


Anyone willing to learn something new like a foreign language also shows drive and ambition along with a desire for adventure and lots of open-mindedness. So, how adventurous do you feel?  Don’t wait much longer and sign up via our contact form for foreign language tutoring with us.  We are also Not Just Math here at Math Tutoring Pros and have highly specialized foreign language tutors to meet your needs. Hope that we have convinced you that the incentives to learning a new language are truly enormous!

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