5 SAT Math Tips to bump up your score!

5 SAT Math Tips to bump up your score!

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Math Tutoring Pros specializes at SAT Math Tutoring offering in-home and online sessions and can provide you with various test taking strategies, time-saving techniques after working with you to make sure the fundamentals are in place.  Math can be the most daunting part of the SAT.  Below we have put together 5 useful tips to help you improve your SAT math score!

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SAT Math Tutoring Tip #1:  Learn to skip questions

Don’t let one question kill your time.  You don’t have to go sequentially through the problems.  A lot of us are perfectionists and cannot proceed to the next question without completing the current question.  Learning to skip questions is a vital part of SAT success since time is not on our side.  Get all the easy/medium questions out of the way and come back to tackle the hard questions later.

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Tip #2:  Use answers to your advantage

Taking a peek at answers prior and during problem solving can lead to huge time savings.  A lot of times answer choices present easy numbers that we can quickly plug in to verify solutions.  Answers can also help lead us down a more effective  path to problem solving.  Many times taking a look at the answer choices even half way through a problem can lead us to not having to solve the problem completely.

Remember the SAT was redesigned in 2016 and now there is now NO PENALTY for guessing.   Don’t leave anything blank !!  If you have to guess, eliminating answers that don’t make sense is yet another powerful strategy that improves chances drastically!!  Use Answers to YOUR ADVANTAGE !!

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Tip #3:  Consider skipping reading for problems with figures

For many of the geometry/word problems involving drawn out figures it turns out that most, if not all, the math that needs to be extracted from the reading is already presented in the figure.  A great time saving technique is therefore to only read the question and look at the figure to try to solve the problem.  May of these type of problems try to slow you down with the reading material and for the math section it is many times unnecessary.

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Tip #4:  Solve equations efficiently.

Contact our tutors for ways of solving equations efficiently.  Unfortunately the ways these techniques are taught in school is not optimal and we can help you achieve good speed and strategy for exams like the SAT.

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SAT Math Tutoring Tip #5: Pace yourself accordingly

Justifiably so, many students panic with timed exams like the SAT.  It is a natural tendency to breeze through the easy/medium questions to try to get to the hard questions so you don’t run out of time.  Unfortunately for many students, especially at the beginning stages, this strategy fails them since they end up making all kinds of silly mistakes on the easier questions, which impacts their score tremendously.

Therefore, become a good judge and spend more time on questions that are easier for you and only move on to the harder questions if time permits.  If you have to guess on the harder ones do so and definitely don’t leave anything blank!!  Remind yourself that all questions are worth the same and that you don’t get more credit for solving a harder problem.

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Call us today to schedule your SAT Math consult.  You don’t want to be preparing for an exam like this a few weeks before the test date.  Give yourself at least 2 or 3 months to prepare.  Summer is a great time to make this happen when you are free from all your school obligations and related extracurricular activities. We tailor sessions to your needs.  No Contracts!  It’s pay as you go! SAT Math tutoring starts with getting fundamentals in place.  Once this is accomplished it is time for all the time-saving techniques and strategies.

You will need to also give yourself enough practice time daily since so much of related success comes from repetition and exposure to certain types of questions.  There are great practice resources like Khan Academy and great practice books like the Barron’s Math Workbook. To benefit the most from tutoring you will also want to come back with questions and struggles experienced from daily practice sessions.  You are in good hands with us.  Read our many SAT math tutoring testimonials and success stories on our website.

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